BiolTrap®, the trap that monitors and captures!

BiolTrap® is a system of multiple capture and interactive monitoring against weeds: mice, lizards, cockroaches, etc… Designed and manufactured by Saeed, a leading company from 1960 in the construction of pest control plants.


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How does that work

When a weed crosses the action area of the sensitive sensor, it activates a very fast capture system (in a one thousandth of a second, approximately), and it catapults the weed into a container.

Where you can use it

You can place it anywhere. BiolTrap can be used both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to the monitoring system, it is possible to understand already after the first 24 hours the access routes of the weeds, thus positioning the BiolTrap where it is necessary.

Why does it work

It uses natural food substances as attraction. It does not use poisons or harmful substances. The BiolTrap doesn't need maintenance, indeed! Once freed the weeds are attracted again and they are recaptured.

prototypes built
catch videos

Models BiolTrap®


  • 31cm x 37cm x 25cm (h)
  • Empty weight: 8kg
  • Structure materials: stainless steel


  • 34cm x 45cm x 54cm (h)
  • Empty weight: 14 kg
  • Structure materials: stainless steel


  • 15cm x 34cm x 18cm (h)
  • Weight: 2,5 kg
  • Structure materials: stainless steel

Bioltrap presentation video

Criticality of other methods

Lethal methods

Why do not they work?

Non- lethal methods

Why do not they work?

Did you choose the BiolTrap®?

Need more information? Want to know the cost? We can customize every order and model according to your needs!

>> We studied a compound, low environmental impact, ready to use, mixable with water, studied and certified to neutralize and store the weed in the tank, placed inside the Bioltrap.

Data weights, illustrations, photographs, colours drawings and various illustrations, are approximate and non-binding, where it was thought appropriate during the processing, we could make all the modifications that were deemed suitable to improve the production to our indisputable judgement.

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