Information pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of the EU regulation (2016/679).

Dear customer as of 25 may 2018 the new European regulation on the protection of personal data eneters into force. We are therefore providing you with some new information, as well as restressing what we had already provided you.

1)Holder of the data processing is: Scimeca Claudio via Potenza,4 04011 Aprilia (LT) C.F SCMCLD63B02A341X   P.IVA 01793230598

2)Contact details: write to Scimeca Claudio:  HYPERLINK “”

3)We use the data collected to provide you with our service every day, to inform you about our business activity or to offer you a more personalized service and in line with your interests.

a) we use the data collected, if you have expressly provided consent, to inform you about promotional activities that may interest you

In particular we use them to: communicate promotional, commercial and advertising activities on events, initiatives or partnerships of Scimeca Claudio, by e-mail, sending sms or push notifications, doing analysis and reporting activities connected to the communication systems such as the detection of the number of open e-mails, the click made on the links within the communication, the type of device used to read the communication and the related operating system or the list of unsubscribe to the newsletter.

4)we process the collected data, if you have expressly given us the consent, to analyse your habits or choices of consumption in order to offer you a service more and more personalized and in line with your interests and to improve our commercial offering.

These analyses are not in any case related to an automated decision-making process

5) holder of the treatment: holder of treatment is Claudio Scimeca. The data controller is Claudio Scimeca in person of his legal pro-tempore representative. The controller is responsible for achieving the specified purpose and a data protection officer to supervise the protection of personal data.

6) criteria used for the retention of personal data:

The retention of personal data will be in paper and/or electronic/ computer form and for the time strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes referred to the point 3, respecting your privacy and the rules in force.

In the case of active users, the ads and user-generated content will be kept for 36 months for security, prevention and moderation of content and/ or conduct contrary to the terms of service and editorial rules in order to ensure a batter quality of the same also in collaboration with the authorities. For purposes of analysis directed to the development and improvement of the service the personal data of the user can be subject to the same period of preservation.

For the purposes of direct marketing and profiling , we retain your data for a maximum period equal to that provided by applicable law (24 and 12 months respectively).

In the case of the exercise of right to oblivion through request for express cancellation of the personal data processed by the owner, we remind you that this data will be kept, in protected form and with limited access, only for the purposes of ascertaining and repression of offences for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of the request and subsequently deleted in a secure or anonymisized manner.

Lastly, we remind you that for the same purposes, data relating to telematics traffic, however, excluding the contents of the communications, will be kept for a period not exceeding 6 years from the date of communication , pursuant to article 24 of law number 167/2017 which has transposed the EU directive 2017/541 on counter-terrorism.

7) you have the right to ask Scimeca for access to personal data and rectification, or cancellation thereof, or the limitation of the treatments concerning it, or to oppose their treatment, in addition to the right to exercise the rights to portability of data.

8) existence of its right to revoke the consent provided at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the consent-based treatment prior to revocation.

9) existence of your right to complain to the guarantor for the protection of personal data as control authority.

10) in the case of collection of personal data or formulation of consents acquired at the time of registration or within the reserved area starting from the website  HYPERLINK “” or in public pages of the same site in specific forms, only the information provided of asterisk (*) are strictly necessary, while remaining optional the other while the withdrawal of the consent will cover the matters covered by this expression of wills.

11) of the existence of an additional automated decision-making process for user profiling (only after specific consent), in order to improve the direct marketing capacity.

12) if the personal data have not originate from the person concerned, without prejudice to the information provided at the time, the sources come from direct contacts born within the client company or the acquisition of external databases.

For all needs, it is possible to contact the data controller in the field of personal information, designated by Scimeca Claudio, for the acknowledgement of the person concerned in the event of exercise of the rights referred to the paragraphs 7-8-9

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