BiolTrap® is the most advanced and environmentally friendly monitoring system for multiple catches. It is produced by Scimeca’s company, leader in the construction of disinfestations machines. The sale is reserved only for professionals in the sector. No private.

After more than two years of studies, 140 videos, 16 prototypes, tests and collaborations with examinators, sector technicians, biologists, chemical engineers, informatics, Bioltrap is the first real system of multiple catches and interactive monitoring Scimeca to solicit olfactory.


A weed (mouse, lizard, cockroach), enters the interactive trap Bioltrap attracted only by natural and playful bathers (without the use of poison or toxic rodenticides baits). Once entered inside follows a path obliged to a very sensitive sensor that in its passage detects the movement.

The sophisticated mechanism of the trap are activated, capturing the weed inside an empty container if you want to capture it alive. Otherwise we use a specially designed ecological blend that suppresses quickly, in a bloody way and in total respect of animal welfare.


  • Made in Italy
  • Design designed to be aesthetically pleasing compared to other machines on the market to date
  • Without poison, harmful or dangerous substances for children and animals
  • Can be positioned anywhere for the weight and the small size
  • Closed with a safety key
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Durable in time (stainless steel structure) ivory prepanted steel
  • Perfectly camouflsed with ad hoc graphics
  • No training or management courses are required
  • Maintenance and/or repair kits are not required
  • Communicate catches and monitors by sms


Totally free, autonomous and without constraints, it gives the possibility 24 hours on 24 to know according to the bait which type of ingesting transits or how many catches were made.

Can be self-managed in full respect of the privacy.

BiolTrap® models


(non interactive: does not send sms)


(you can also order maxi)

  • 31cm x 37cm x 25cm (h)
  • Empty weight : 8 kg
  • Product container : 5 lt
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Entry hole: 1,8 cm
  • 70 shoots trapdoor
  • Standard battery life approx 1300 h (almost 2 months)
  • Structure materials: stainless steel


(interactive: send sms)


(you can also order mini)

  • 34cm x 45cm x 54cm (h)
  • Empty weight: 14 kg
  • Product container: 28 lt
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Entry hole: 6 cm
  • 70 shoots trapdoor
  • Standard battery life approx 1300 h (almost 2 months)
  • Indipendent sms management duration: about 18 months
  • Management life with central: unlimited
  • Structure materials: stainless steel


(interactive only: send sms)

  • 15cm x 34cm x 18cm (h)
  • Weight: 2,5 kg
  • Entry hole: 6 cm
  • Independent sms management duration: approx 18 months
  • Management duration with central: unlimited
  • Structure materials: stainless steel

Data weights, illustrations, photographs, colours drawings and various illustrations, are approximate and non-binding, where it was thought appropriate during the processing, we could make all the modifications that were deemed suitable to improve the production to our indisputable judgement.

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